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Established in 2022 by seven United States Coast Guard members, BreakWater Alliance Foundation (BWA) is dedicated to enhancing the mental well-being of both active duty personnel and veterans of the US Coast Guard. Our mission is to empower U.S. Coast Guard members through Peer-to-Peer support, offering a pathway to healing from unseeable challenges. Our Vision is fostering and championing mental, emotional, and physical resilience within Coast Guard families and their communities.

At BWA, we employ a streamlined three-step process—Connection, Clarification, and Confidence—to empower our fellow Coasties in times of need. We prioritize timely support, anonymity, and ensuring issues are addressed before they escalate. With BreakWater, you're never alone in facing difficult days.

BreakWater functions as a Support Line via Texting or Phone Calls, akin to established crisis lines like 988, The Trevor Project, and DOD SAFE Helpline. Our unique approach involves vetted active duty members (including veterans) serving as volunteers, setting us apart from traditional licensed counselors. We foster a culture where Coast Guard members are aided through attentive listening and guided towards appropriate Coast Guard resources without the fear or embarrassment or fears typically associated with reaching out for help in person at work. 


-Take reports of any kind or make any legal reports about our cases.

-Keep any record of PII or ask your location 

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