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BreakWater Alliance Foundation is an organization founded in 2022 by seven members of the United States Coast Guard. Our purpose is to promote the mental health of the active duty members and veterans of the US Coast Guard by utilizing a peer-to-peer service of matching a member who has a problem with a fellow service member who is ready to listen and provide resources. 

At BWA, we strive to leverage existing resources, and experience to help shipmates in need get back on their feet through a three-step process: CONNECTION when it counts, CLARIFICATION of problem(s), and CONFIDENCE in resolution. We want you to feel safe and know that there are fellow Coasties out there who care about you and want to help you before small issues turn into big problems. Together, we will never have a bad day alone.

BreakWater  is an online chat service helpline, similar to any traditional crisis line you can think of for mental health (988, The Trevor Project, DOD SAFE Helpline, etc).  What sets us apart is that our Volunteers on the receiving end of our service are other Active Duty members (also some Veterans), and not the traditional licensed counselor or therapist answering the call.  In other words, we help Coast Guard members by listening to them and encouraging them to use Coast Guard Resources for mental health concerns.


-Take reports of any kind or make any legal reports about our cases.

-Keep any record of PII or ask your location 

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